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In The Name of God


A Review of the First Arbaeen International Award- Photos

With regard to the unique and valuable spiritual capacity of Arbaeen (forty days after martyrdom) of Lord of the World’s martyrs, Imam Hussein (AS), which is accompanied with the rally of millions of his lovers from all over the world, Islamic Culture and Republic Organization (ICRO) in 2014 decided to hold an infra-national event, with the aim of reflecting manifestations of this international religious event in a proper way to the world. Therefore, the first Arbaeen International Award, focusing on photos, was held in this year for the first time in Iran and the world.

After ICRO’s call for the first course of Arbaeen Award, receiving works of enthusiast photographers who were interested to participate in this global competition was started. The permanent secretariat of “Arbaeen International Award” received a total of 1250 works from 146 Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese, Algerian, Pakistani, Omani, Qatari, Bahraini and Kuwaiti photographers. Out of the received works, a total of 850 photos reached the next stage in which they were initially analyzed by the jurors.

While organizing the competition, the executive secretary of the Award, Dr. Amir Ali Javadian, invited some grate masters of Photography to judge the received works. Hence, the jurors of the 1st Arbaeen International Award were Dr. Mojtaba Aghaie, Dr. Rasul Oliazadeh, and Dr. Amir Ali Javadian. They all are known university professors in Iranian universities who also have many works and articles about this field.

After analyzing the works, six artists, Amir Enayati from Torbat Heydarieh (Iran), Abdolrahman Mojarad from Ardabil (Iran), Ranjbar Zeydanloo from Ghochan (Iran), Navid Hussein (Pakistan) and Seyed Ebrahim Moosavi (Iraq) were chosen as the best participants of the first Arbaeen International Award and were awarded with cash and appreciation plaques as well as Arbaeen International Award trophy.

The closing ceremony of the first Arbaeen International Award was held on April 24, 2016, concurrent with the demise of Hazrat Zeinab (SA) in Imam Ali (AS) Museum’s Seminars Hall, Tehran. In this ceremony, after reciting some verses of the Holy Quran and playing national anthem of Islamic Republic of Iran, the esteemed Head of ICRO, Dr. Abouzar Ebrahimi Torkaman made a speech about the importance of commemoration of Ashura and Imam Hussein (AS) Arbaeen as the symbols of Islam’s authority and strength.

The closing ceremony was associated with opening the exhibition of 50 selected works of artists and photographers participated in the Arbaeen International Award, in Imam Ali (AS) Museum.

A Review of the Second Arbaeen International Award- Photos and Videos

Given the successful holding of programs and plans of the first “Arbaeen International Award” in 2014, ICRO, in response to the order issued by the esteemed head of ICRO, Dr. Ebrahimi Torkaman, followed the plan of holding the second Arbaeen International Award in 2015. The second course of this award was accompanied with addition of videos part which was welcomed considerably by artists and fans of this great international event.

Poster of the second Arbaeen International Award

Jurors of the second Arbaeen International Award were:

  1. Dr. Mojtaba Aghaie, University Professor, Iranian well-known photographer who have written many books and articles about photography
  2. Dr. Rasoul Oliazadeh, University professor and successful director of Iranian Photographers house
  3. Dr. Amir Ali Javadian, University Professor, photographer of the Sacred Defense years who has many books and articles about photography.

Also Messrs

  1. Javad Ramezanejad, Director of Ofogh TV Channel
  2. Salim Ghafoui, filmmaker and director of documentary Unity of Ofogh TV Channel
  3. Ali Mollagholipour, filmmaker artist were the jurors of Videos part of this course of Arbaeen International Award.

After analyzing the received works, out of the received works of the photos parts, 60 photos taken by 40 artists were admitted. Out of these 40 artists, six ones took the higher ranks and were awarded with cash, the trophy of the second course of “Arbaeen International Award” and appreciation plaque.

The selected winners of the photos part:

  1. Mohsen Rastani, First rank from Islamic Republic of Iran
  2. Fatemeh Saeed, the joint second rank from Syria
  3. Seyed Anvar al-Moosavi, the joint second rank from Iraq
  4. Muhammad Hussein, the third rank from Pakistan
  5. Muhammad Musa Akbari, the fourth rank from Afghanistan.
  6. Ali Dehghan, the fifth rank from Islamic republic of Iran.

Also, in the videos part, out of 51 works which have been sent to the secretariat, the jurors introduced six works deserved to be appreciated and their creators were appreciated with cash, the trophy of the second course of “Arbaeen International Award” and appreciation plaque.

The selected winners of the videos part:

  1. Saeed Nejati, the first rank from Islamic Republic of Iran
  2. Seyed Hojatollah Elteja, the joint second rank from Islamic Republic of Iran
  3. Amir Heydari, the joint second rank from Islamic Republic of Iran
  4. Muhammad Al-Yasseri, the third rank from Iraq
  5. Navvab Muhammad, the fourth rank from Islamic Republic of Iran
  6. Ahmad Jan-Mirzaee, the fifth rank from Islamic Republic of Iran

Generally, in both parts, twelve artists in two parts of videos and photos were appreciated among which participants from Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan would be found.


A Review of the Third Arbaeen International Award

In 2016, like previous years, with the aim of promoting the cultural message of the zealous and great rally of Arbaeen of the Lord of Martyrs of the World, Imam Hussein (AS), the Cultural deputy of ICRO has embarked on holding the third Arbaeen International Award, in two photos and videos parts, an event which is hold with more enthusiasm rather its previous year.

The closing ceremony the third Arbaeen International Award was attended by Dr. ABouzar Ebrahimi Torkaman, Dr. Seyed Muhammad Hussein Hashemi, Cultural Deputy of ICRO and Ghahraman Soleymani, Research and Educational Deputy of ICRO, Seyed Muhammad Mostafavi, the successor of the International Deputy of the Leader Office, Ho. Seyed Mahmoud Doaie, Managing Director of Ettela’at Newspaper, Ahmad Masjed-Jamei, Tehran City Council Member, a gathering of members and employees of embassies of Muslim Countries to Tehran, artists and fans of Ashura culture in the Honar Culture House on April 30, 2016.

In this ceremony, Dr. Abouzar Ebrahimi Torkaman referred to 20 million pilgrims of Imam Hussein (AS) holy shrine in Arbaeen day as a symbol and sign of people’s appreciation of Imam Hussein’s sacrifice for Islam. He also said that it is rooted in love. “This award tries to depict a corner of the greatness of the mesmerizing gathering of Arbaeen in the Karbala and pays its homage, somehow, to Imam Hussein and his companions’ sacrifice in Ashura.” He said.

Amir Ali Javadian, secretary of the “Arbaeen International Award”, said that the third round of this religious-artistic event, in contrast two past ones, has been welcomed with a considerable enthusiasm. He reported that the received works in photos and videos parts have experienced a 40% and 35% growth, respectively.

In this course, Yahya Ashkanani from Kuwait and Seyed Ali Sajjadi from Islamic Republic of Iran and Sweden were ranked jointly first in the videos part. Also, Muhammad Ali Tarraf from Lebanon and Ahmed Abdullah from Oman were ranked second jointly. Amin Abbasov from Azerbaijan republic was ranked third, Mahdi Amini from Iran was ranked fourth and Mahdiar Morvaridforosh from Iran was ranked fifth.

In the photos part, Rahim Al-Silavi from Iraq and Abdolnabi Albaloushi from Kuwait jointly achieved the first rank.

Zeinab Khafshii from Syria and Amir Ghayomi from Iran were ranked second jointly. Mohsen Badr from Islamic Republic of Iran and Esmail Shoayb from Nigeria achieved jointly the third rank. Belal Heydar from Pakistan and Basir Ahmad Husseinzadeh from Afghanistan were other winners of the photos part of the third Arbaeen International Award.

Granting awards to the winners of the third Arbaeen International Award

In the sidelines of the closing ceremony of the third Arbaeen International Award, Aloreza Badr was appreciated because of carrying his should on his shoulder throughout the whole path to Karbala.

Appreciation of the exemplary pilgrim in the third Arbaeen International Award

Also, Saeed Mahmoudi Aznaveh, the author of Arabeen and Kamaloddin Shahrokh, the author of Threshold of the Sun were appreciated. They awarded their books of head of ICRO.



Review of fourth Arbaeen International Award

The closing ceremony of the fourth Arbaeen International Award was held on October 23, 2018 at Emam Khomeyni Sport & Cultural Complex in Tehran.
Speaking at the ceremony, the Cultural Deputy of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) Mohammad-Hossein Hashemi said that Arbaeen gathering is the biggest religious assembly of Muslims in general and Shias in particular.
Participation of large number of Imam Hussein (PBUH) lovers from over 50 countries as a symbol of authority of Muslim community is one of the memorable scenes of the great event, he added.
He said, documentation of unforgettable manifestations of this big congregation through photo, video and travelogue from the perspectives of pilgrims is of high significance.
Organized by ICRO, the program aims to appreciate those who took part in documentation of Arbaeen pilgrimage and give award to the top artistic works of each section, he said.
Hashemi said that from the very beginning days of call for announcement, the festival was highly welcomed in all three sections of photo, video and memory, adding that compared to the last year, the number of submitted works had doubled.
According to the event’s secretariat, the titles were from 25 countries and they included 5,127 titles in the photo section, 173 short films, feature films, documentaries and fiction films in video section and in travelogue and memory section, 215 works were received by the secretariat.
Hashemi noted, the jury panel consisting of top figures in each section selected the winners who were from Iraq, Bosnia, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Italy, Australia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.
Accordingly, 15 statues and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of each of the three sections, and 45 plaques of honor will be given to the works found their ways to the exhibition of the fourth edition, he said.
Head of ICRO Abuzar Ebrahimi-Torkaman said that all broad-minded figures in the world pay special attention to Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his uprising because he made great attempts to save people from corruption, humiliation, mortification and ignorance.
He said that holding this competition is to play a role in commemorating the high status of Imam Hussein (PBUH), adding that fortunately the received works were of high quality.
He concluded his speech with expressing his sense of gratitude to Iraqi people who warmly welcomed pilgrims during the time of Arbaeen march.
Speaking about the importance of creating epic and passion of Arabaeen walking ceremony, Hojatoleslam Seyed Ali Qazi-Askar, the representative of Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Hajj and pilgrimage affairs said Arbaeen pilgrimage should not be considered as a simple trip and its purpose should be clarified for everybody.
Today, one of the manifestations of Arbaeen is seen in foot-pilgrimage, he said, adding that unfortunately we could not have displayed all aspects of the great event.
Concurrent with the closing ceremony of the fourth edition, the call for the fifth edition of this artistic, cultural and religious event was also unveiled.
Cultural and religious figures, ambassadors and cultural envoys of different countries in Iran as well as foreign university students studying in Iran attended the ceremony.


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