call for poem

Call for The First Poetry Competition in The 9th Arba’een International Award

This year, for the first time, the field of poetry has been included in the Arba’een International Award, and it is one of the six topics of the ninth edition of the award, in which the rules of participation are announced as follows:

  • Participation in this competition is free for all age groups.

  • Poets from all over the world can write their poems with the theme of Ashura, love and dedication to the message of Imam Hussein (AS) and the unique procession of Arba’een Hosseini in different poetic formats.

  • Poems should be in English, Arabic, Persian language.

  • Poems should not be a translation of another poet’s work.

  • Works must be sent to the Award Secretariat through the works submission portals

  • Do not include your name or any other identifying information on your poem.

  • All poems are judged anonymously.

  • After sending the poem, it cannot be changed.

  • Poems are judged by professors and instructors of the university.
  • The results will be announced at the Closing Ceremony and the awards will be given to the winners.