call for book

The Arbaeen World Award is held, every year, with the aim of identifying and introducing valuable books on Imam Hussein’s movement and supporting and encouraging authors, translators, editors, and publishers from different countries as well as spreading the lofty cultural values that Imam Hussein (as) stood for.

Those interested to participate in the book section of the Arbaeen International Award can submit their works on the theme of Arbaeen (Generalities, History, Rijal – authentic narrators of hadiths -, Ethics, Quranic sciences, Hadith, Translation of Islamic Texts, Islamic Culture and Civilization, Islamic Art and Architecture, Contemporary Islamic Studies, and Literature: including poetry, short and long stories, novels for adult and children, documentaries, etc.) to the secretariat on or before the specified date.


– Participation in the competition and submission of works is open to all.

– Only books that have been translated and published, for the first time, in the last two years will be included and judged in this award.

– The publisher of the book should complete the registration form provided on the website of the Award and send it to the secretariat along with two copies of the book. Received works will not be returned.

Important Notes

The submitted books should have the following features:

– There should be cohesion between the volume and contents of the book,

– The book should have a proper table of contents

– The chapters of the book should follow a reasonable sequence

– The book should be properly edited and have no printing errors

– In the case of translated books, the translations should be of internationally accepted standard

– Simultaneous participation in different sections of the Award is permissible; subject to following the related regulations.

– No language restrictions are considered and in addition to Arabic, English, and Persian, books can be submitted in other languages such as Spanish, French, German and Turkish, etc.

– The subject of the submitted works must be related to the sections of the competition. The final decision will be made by the judges of the Arbaeen International Award.

– The final decision on any point that is not provided in the present regulations and also the interpretation of the ambiguities lies within the Secretariat of the Award and participants and judges are deprived of any rights in this regard.