Call for Travelogues

Sections of travelogues competition:

  • Important events of the great mass pilgrimage of Arbaeen and narrating respect and deference to Imam Hussein (AS), description of Arbaeen pilgrimage rituals among different nations, the impact of participating in Arbaeen ceremony on personal life, understanding the great Arbaeen mass pilgrimage, etc.

Rules of travelogues section:

  • Participation in the competition and sending travelogues are free for all.
  • Each participant is allowed to send only a travelogue.
  • Simultaneous participation in all three sections of photos, videos and travelogues is free, if the participant follows the pertinent directives.
  • Travelogues need to be written in Arabic, English, Urdu, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, French, German, Italian or Spanish.
  • Each work should not be less than 20 lines and more than 10 pages (according to the Award’s standard format which is available in ( and also added to the end of this form)
  • Works sent to the Arbaeen International Award should not already have been sent to other competitions and awards.
  • The subject of the sent works needs to be related with the competition’s sections. It will be done by the juries of the competition.
  • The sent works need to be compatible with the competition’s standard format. A sample file with the standard format is available in the rules section of the portal. Works created without this format will not be addressed.
  • Using dialogue except in direct quotes and conversations between people is not allowed.
  • Travelogues need to be real and result of visual observations.
  • Sending documentaries including references and images related to the travelogue’s subject will be considered during analysis process.
  • The owner is obliged to fill precisely all necessary compartments upon registration and sending the work via one of communicating canals.
  • The selected works of the festival will be printed as a book and the secretariat of Arbaeen International Award preserves all rights of using the sent works for printing with recording name of the creator.

Taking any decision about any point or matter which has not been predicted in the abovementioned rules and interpreting uncertainties raised by the contents of the rules are under authority of the competition’s secretary, and participants and juries are deprived from any related rights.