Call for Photos

Sections of photos competition:

  • Single photo
  • Album of photos

Rules of photos section:

  • Participation in the competition and sending photos are free for all.
  • Simultaneous participation in all three sections of photos, videos and travelogues is free, if the participant follows the pertinent directives.
  • Each photographer is allowed to send five single photos and an album of photos (3 to 5 photos).
  • Photos must be in JPEG format at maximum resolution of 300 dpi and small wing of 40 cm; they must be sent through one of undermentioned communicating canals available at the end of this form.
  •  Photos with size of less than 20 MB must be uploaded upon registration.
  • Photos with size of heavier than 20 MB initially are registered via one of undermentioned communicating canals, then they will be recorded to a CD and will be mailed to the secretariat address.
  • Photos need to be taken within five past Arbaeen mass pilgrimages.
  • It is necessary to complete information about each photo to be sent including name and last name, age, education, exact address, phone and mobile numbers, title, location and date of each photo. The information must be filled in personal and complementary information section of the website or can be sent via other undermentioned communicating canals.
  • Photos need to be documentary and any manipulation with computer software or any manipulation which may damage the documentary aspect of photos must be avoided.
  • Photos to be sent must be free from the photographer’s signature, date, Passe-Partout, frames, watermarks and logos.
  • The secretariat just recognizes the owner of the work and if the opposite is proved, the photo will be removed and all privileges attached to it will be nullified.
  • The sent photos will not be returned.
  • If the sent files are considered incomplete, they will be removed from the exhibition.
  • All rights of print and publish including digital or standard and holding domestic and international exhibition are preserved for the organizer.
  • All works which are received after the due date will not be addressed.
  • Sending works to the secretariat means accepting the requirements.
  • Those photographers whose works will reach the final exhibition (except photographers who have been chosen by the jury) will be awarded with a participation certificate and 1 million Iranian Rials as royalty payment.
  • Taking any decision about any point or matter which has not been predicted in the abovementioned rules and interpreting uncertainties raised by the contents of the rules are under authority of the competition’s secretary and participants and juries are deprived from any related rights.