Call for Photos

Single photographs and Albums


– Participation in this competition is open to all.

– Simultaneous participation in in all three sections of photography, documentary videos and travelogue is permissible; subject to following the related regulations.

– Each photographer can only send five single photographs and/or an album of photos (3 to 5 photos).

– All photographs must be in JPEG format at the maximum resolution of 300 dpi – the small wing being 40 cm – and sent through one of the undermentioned communication ports available at the end of this form.

– Photos that are less than 20 MB in size must be uploaded upon registration.

– As regards the photos the size of which are 20 MB, the participants should save them on a CD and mail them to the secretariat, after completing the registration formalities. Please note that the name of the photographer and the name of the work/s should be mentioned on the CD.

– Photos must have been taken during the last two Arbaeen pilgrimages.

– Participants are required to send their complete information with each photograph: including name and last name, age, educational qualification, exact address, and phone and mobile numbers as well as the title, location and date of each photo.

– Photos sent must be original in their format and should not have been manipulation with any computer software.

– Photos sent must not carry any signature, date, Passe-Partout, frames, watermarks and logos.

– The secretariat just recognizes the person who sends the photograph as the owner of the work and if the opposite is proved, the sent photo/s will be removed from the contest and all privileges attached to it will be nullified.

– The sent photos will not be returned.

– If the sent files are incomplete, they will be exhibited.

– All printing and publishing rights including digital or standard and the right for holding domestic and international exhibition with the received works are preserved for the organizer.

– The works received after the due date will not be included in the contest.

– Sending works to the secretariat means acceptance of conditions on the part of the participant.

– Those photographers whose works will find their way to the exhibition will receive a certificate of participation

– The final decision on any point that is not provided in the present regulations and also the interpretation of the ambiguities lies within the Secretariat of the Award and participants and judges are deprived of any rights in this regard.