Call for Videos

Sections of videos competition:

  • Short storyboard and documentary (created with mobile phones or cameras)

Rules of videos section:

  • Participation in the competition and sending works are free for all.
  • There are no limits in number of the works which can be sent.
  • Simultaneous participation in all three sections of photos, videos and travelogues is free, if the participant follows the pertinent directives.
  • Maximum length of short storyboards and documentaries is 30 min.
  • Videos selected for the competition section need to have specifications of both the work itself and the owner of the work and they need to be submitted via one of the undermentioned communicating canals and after recording to a DVD they have to be mailed to the permanent address of the secretariat. Recording name of video, director and video’s duration to the DVD is necessary. Besides the movie, the DVD needs to include three photos of the movie’s scene and a portrait of the director.
  • The secretariat accepts no responsibility against the potential damages caused by mailing.
  • Videos with incomplete documents or damaged content will be removed from the competition.
  • After announcement of names of final candidates, the original video is submitted to the secretariat; otherwise it will be removed from the competition section.
  • The original videos need to be created and sent in one of following formats: DVCAM, HD, HDV, and FULL HD.
  • The competition’s headquarters is allowed to use the sent videos for producing advertisement and TV works.
  • Sending works to the secretariat means accepting the requirements.
  • Work owners who have real or legal producers, need to submit an approval letter signed by their producer for participating in the competition. The mentioned letter must be sent to the secretariat of the Arbaeen International Award through one of communicating canals ASAP; otherwise such works will be removed from the competition.
  • Taking any decision about any point or matter which has not been predicted in the abovementioned rules and interpreting uncertainties raised by the contents of the rules are under authority of the competition’s secretary, and participants and juries are deprived from any related rights.