Call for Videos

Short storyboard and documentary (created with mobile phones or cameras )


– Participation in this competition is open to all.

– There is no limit to number of the works to be sent for the contest.

– Simultaneous participation in in all three sections of photography, documentary videos and travelogue is permissible; subject to following the related regulations.

– Maximum length of short story films and documentaries is 30 min.

– The participants should copy the short story film or documentary intended for the contest on a DVD and mail them to the secretariat, after completing the registration formalities. Please note that the name of the film or documentary, director, and the time of work should be mentioned on the DVD. Besides the movie, the DVD needs to include three photos of the movie’s scene and a portrait of the director.

– The secretariat accepts no responsibility for any possible damages caused by mailing.

– Videos with incomplete documents or damaged content will be removed from the competition.

– After announcement of names of final candidates, the original copy of the work should be submitted to the secretariat; otherwise, it will be removed from the competition section.

– The works intended for the contest should be in one of following formats: DVCAM, HD, HDV, and FULL HD.

– The secretariat of the Arbaeen International Awards and the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization preserve the right to use the sent works for producing advertisement and TV works.

– Sending works to the secretariat means acceptance of conditions on the part of the participant.

– The works with real or legal producers, need to submit a letter of approval letter signed by the producer for participating in the competition. The mentioned letter must be sent to the secretariat of the Arbaeen International Award through one of the specified communication ports ASAP; otherwise, the related work will be removed from the competition.

– The final decision on any point that is not provided in the present regulations and also the interpretation of the ambiguities lies within the Secretariat of the Award and participants and judges are deprived of any rights in this regard.