Call for Cyberspace Activities

Keeping in view the capacities of social networks to achieve the goals of the Award, participation in the section on “Cyberspace Activities” is on the basis of the following conditions.

– Participation in this part of the Award is open to all. (There is no restriction on the nationality of the participants.)

– Simultaneous participation in different sections of the Award is permissible; subject to following the related regulations.

– The works intended for participation in the contest should be in Facebook and Instagram.

– No language restrictions are considered and in addition to Arabic, English, and Persian, books can be submitted in other languages such as Spanish, French, German and Turkish, etc.

– The content framework of the works submitted includes movies, posters, photos and other types of visual and multimedia contents.

How the selected pages are evaluated and judged?

Pages will be evaluated on the basis of their content alignment (the necessary condition to enter the contest), number of followers (coefficient 5), ratio of their posts on Ashura and Imam Hussei (as) to total posts (coefficient 1), the number of positive responses shown (coefficient 4), the number of comments (coefficient 4), the quality of the posted content (coefficient 3), and the number and variety of the posted contents (coefficient 2). From among the selected ones, the three people with the highest score in will be declared as the winners and will be accordingly awarded.


  • The selected pages should have published the relevant posts publicly.
  • The owners of the pages do not have the right to use such contents the intellectual property rights of which belong to others, unless they have complied with the laws of Facebook and Instagram with regard to copyright.
  • The posts must be published with a real account. (The account must contain a photograph of the creator and operator of the page).
  • Pages must have at least 20 posts and 500 followers. In addition, posts related to the Arbaeen International Award must have received a minimum of 50 responses (positive or negative) to enter the competition. (The searcher will consider this point.)
  • Not more than one year should have passed since the last relevant posts.
  • Participation in the contest denotes the acceptance of the above regulations.
  • The final decision on any point that is not provided in the present regulations and also the interpretation of the ambiguities lies within the Secretariat of the Award and participants and judges are deprived of any rights in this regard.